• 1000 pages of full-length sermon transcriptions
  • 1500 pages of Dr. Cole's personal study Bibles with margin notes
  • Most extensive men's ministry resource ever assembled
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Dr. Edwin Louis Cole

Regarded as the father of the Christian men’s movement, Edwin Louis Cole mentored hundreds of thousands of men through challenging events and powerful books that have become the most widely-used Christian men’s resources in the world. He is known for pithy statements and a confrontational style that demanded social responsibility and family leadership. Ed Cole’s own father was a compulsive gambler but his devout mother raised him under the pastorate of the famed Aimee Semple McPherson. After serving as a pastor, evangelist, and Christian television pioneer, Ed Cole followed his greatest passion - to lead men into Christlike manhood. The Christian Men’s Network he founded in 1977 is a vibrant, global ministry. Unquestionably, he became the greatest men’s minister of his generation.

The Collection Features

  • A numbered Certificate of Authenticity unique to each Collection owner
  • 1500-plus pages of Dr. Cole’s twelve classic books in their entirety in digital format, including: Maximized Manhood, Power of Potential, Courage, Communication, Sex & Money, Sexual Integrity, The Unique Woman, Never Quit, Real Man, Strong Men in Tough Times, Absolute Answers, Treasure, Irresistible Husband
  • 1500 scanned pages of Dr. Cole’s personal study Bibles, complete with margin notes
  • 1000-plus pages of full-length sermon transcriptions
  • 100's of pages of Dr. Cole’s personal sermon notes
  • A 30-page historic booklet of the men's movement and Dr. Cole’s life
  • 25 full-length digitally-remastered videos of Dr. Cole’s greatest sermons
  • 25 sermon outlines that match the videos
  • 25 historic sermons in audio from Dr. Cole’s early years, never before distributed, beginning in 1968
  • Personal notes, historic photos, and never-before seen ministry artifacts
  • The Seven Final Days of Dr. Cole’s destiny, never before told
  • Dr. Cole’s final Gospel dissertation, a five-word message, spoken in his own voice
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