• 1000 pages of full-length sermon transcriptions
  • 1500 pages of Dr. Cole's personal study Bibles with margin notes
  • Most extensive men's ministry resource ever assembled
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Dr. Edwin Louis Cole

Regarded as the father of the Christian men’s movement, Edwin Louis Cole mentored hundreds of thousands of men through challenging events and powerful books that have become the most widely-used Christian men’s resources in the world. He is known for pithy statements and a confrontational style that demanded social responsibility and family leadership. Ed Cole’s own father was a compulsive gambler but his devout mother raised him under the pastorate of the famed Aimee Semple McPherson. After serving as a pastor, evangelist, and Christian television pioneer, Ed Cole followed his greatest passion - to lead men into Christlike manhood. The Christian Men’s Network he founded in 1977 is a vibrant, global ministry. Unquestionably, he became the greatest men’s minister of his generation.

Dr. Cole's daughter, Joann Cole Webster, serves as Christian Men's Network Vice President and is the curator for the Ed Cole Legacy Collection, as a service to the Global Church.

Ed Cole Legacy Collection Features

  • 3500-plus pages of all of Dr. Cole's major books (twenty books and workbooks), including the all-time bestseller Maximized Manhood, plus some surprises (value $300-plus)
  • Twenty-six of Dr. Cole's top preaching and teaching videos, plus 15 of the top audios ever produced (value $500)
  • 3300-plus pages of Dr. Cole's sermon transcriptions, sermon notes, and more (value $2000)
  • 800-plus separate items, 16GB, includes 1000 "Coleisms" with scripture references, some in Dr. Cole's own handwriting
  • 1000 pages of full-length sermon transcriptions (value $2000)
  • 600-plus pages of Dr. Cole's personal study Bibles with flyleaf and margin notes (value $3000)
  • Dr. Cole's Seven Step Process to Successfully Disciple Men - helping pastors to become successful disciple-makers and every man a strong disciple (value $95)
  • A Man in Full Season Commemorative Book honoring Dr. Cole's lifetime of ministry (value $89)
  • A beautiful 32-page photo booklet spanning 50 years of international ministry
  • The entire Collection is placed on one platinum USB drive and can easily be accessed on PC/Mac laptop or desktop computers
  • Each distinctive set in a custom engraved container, comes with a numbered certificate--a complete time capsule for you and your family
  • Original transcript of Maximized Manhood, typed by Dr. Cole with his marks and edits in his own handwriting
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